eBIKENZ is an online ebike store that caters to all types and styles of electric bikes, scooters and kick scooters. 

Like many of you we were tired of sitting in traffic, driving around the block three or four times to find a park during the weekend, knowing that the more petrol we burn the hotter our planet gets. What kind of cities did we want to leave our kids? What kind of planet did we want to leave our kids? Couldn't we just go into town without taking half an hour to get a park?! We remembered how much we used to bike when we were kids, everywhere, why couldn't we do that again?

So the hunt for a good utility bike began, they were out there but they were big, and they were pricey! We thought we'd never be able to get these things up the hills. So we added electric assist into our search, but still nothing was quite right, too big, too expensive.

So, have a look through our website and choose an eBike that meets your needs...any questions please email or call....

Cheers, Charles